free racing game

Free Racing Game

Racing Game

Today I thought you gearheads may enjoy a little break. I am embedding a FREE racing game on the site today, so you can play it at your leisure. This car racing game is called Turbo Racing 3, and it is a simple concept. Race the car along a path against other players, while trying to pick up turbo boost along the way. There is no cost to play the game, as it is a freebie. It is a simple, yet addictive, game. I am a car nut, so I enjoy playing games like this. I figured I would share this game with you guys as well.

This is made possible via arrangement with Miniclip. Can you beat my high score?

This one is not as easy as it may first appear, so see what you can do with it! Enjoy!

Play Turbo Racing 3 / More Racing games

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