Concept Cars, Muscle Cars, and Model Cars

This website is dedicated to anything that is transportation related, although it primarily focuses on automotive in particular. We cover concept cars, muscle cars, model cars, Hot Wheels, hot rods, and almost anything else automotive related. Check out the BLOG if you want to see the latest concept cars and other cool cars.

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Check out the latest blog entries, including muscle cars, concept cars, new vehicle news, hot rods, and more!


Hot Wheels

1/64th scale cars, such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and related small scale cars.



Model Cars

1/24th and 1/25th, and scale model car kits, model car building supplies, and related materials.


Other Things With Wheels

This is for anything else with wheels - trains, bicycles, planes, and other types of transportation.

I enjoy building model cars, working on real cars, and learning about the new concept cars out there. I customize my model cars and share tips, tricks, and techniques that I have learned over my years of model car building. Automotive memorabilia and collectibles are also interesting to me, so I may cover these topics from time to time as well. I welcome any comments you have, and provide YouTube videos as well as Amazon links to the kits so you can get one for yourself. Comment to let me know what you did with the same kit. I welcome you to visit my blog or my YouTube page to see what I do with my model car kits. There are plenty of things to see here!

Model Cars, Concept Cars, Hot Wheels, and More

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